What is UFLib Domains?

UFLib Domains was launched in 2019 as a web hosting platform managed by the George A. Smathers Libraries. It focuses on providing Libraries employees with a quick-start pathway for publishing digital scholarship, for teaching with technology, and for experimenting with new tools. While UFLib Domains is customized for our needs, the Domain of One’s Own platform from Reclaim Hosting is widely used across other universities. Learn more here.

Who can use it?

Libraries employees–including any faculty librarians, staff, or student workers–may quickly request and obtain a domain name and storage to get started with web publishing. Requests will be approved for any project or initiative where a Libraries employee is directly involved as a leader, partner, or instructor.

UFLib Domains is not a campus-wide service, and Libraries employees should not request accounts on behalf of non-Libraries instructors or students if they will have no additional involvement with a project or course.

What can I create with this platform?

UFLib Domains provides a starting point for digital scholarship by minimizing red tape and making available numerous applications via what is known as a “cPanel” or dashboard. You can quickly install platforms such as Omeka to create digital exhibits, Scalar to create long-form digital monographs, or WordPress to create a blog or simple website. UFLib Domains is mostly self-service, so you will need to refer to documentation on the site or elsewhere on the web to support development of your project.

What can I not create with this platform?

We ask that you avoid creating sites devoted to your individual professional identity (e.g. a site primarily to post your CV) or to personal activities beyond the scope of your research, teaching, or other work at UF. If you are comfortable using the system and want to use it for these purposes, you may sign up for your own personal web hosting space through Reclaim Hosting or another vendor.

If you plan to create an online textbook, we encourage you to review the PressBooks platform hosted by UF instead of using UFLib Domains.

Where should I go for help?

UFLib Domains is primarily managed by Digital Partnerships & Strategies, not Library Technology Services. Instead of submitting a Grover if you have questions or problems, please email domains@uflib.ufl.edu.

You can also refer to the substantial documentation developed by the Reclaim Hosting community.

How is UFLib Domains different from UF Digital Collections?

UFLib Domains is a great place to curate digital exhibits drawing on UFDC or to analyze and interpret content. However, it is not a good solution for storing digital collections long-term. It may help to think of UFDC as a foundational pool of digital objects, with UFLib Domains as another layer to make those objects more meaningful for public or scholarly audiences.

How is UFLib Domains different from UF Apps?

UF Apps offers many different software options that support digital scholarship activities such as text analysis, mapping, data visualization, etc. Some UF Apps platforms such as ArcGIS connect to the web and allow you to publish content, while others do not. In some cases you may wish to embed content created through UF Apps–e.g. a data visualization created in Tableau–within a website created using UFLib Domains.