The goal of UFLib Domains is to support Libraries employees, including staff, faculty, and students, in self-initiated experimentation and online digital scholarship and teaching with a minimum of red tape. At its core, the platform is simply a web hosting service, a blank slate to develop a scholarly or creative project. Its long-term impact is largely dependent on the ambition and imagination of those who will use it to enhance digital scholarship and pedagogy.

UFLib Domains will:

  • Empower Libraries faculty and staff as leaders and collaborators who engage directly in digital scholarship and publishing. The scope of the pilot will be limited to projects where one or more Libraries employees play a leadership or partnership role. This will enhance familiarity with common digital scholarship platforms and ensure Libraries employees act as intellectual partners.
  • Connect students with digital scholarship platforms. Whether as instructors of record or as workshop facilitators, Libraries faculty and staff may use UFLib Domains to demonstrate software or to develop a web-based project alongside students. Many of the project team members and other Libraries employees already emphasize technology in their instruction; this platform will make it much simpler to launch a site and to encourage students’ experimentation with a variety of software tools.
  • Showcase and reuse UF Digital Collections.  UFLib Domains is distinct from UFDC, but it has great potential to complement the Libraries’ rich collections as users incorporate historic photographs into digital exhibits, transform metadata into interactive visualizations, and repackage primary sources for use in the classroom.